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Short Biography

Born in the city of Wilmington, NC on 3Feb69....... I grew up in a household with both Parents & a Sister by the name of Keisha, I called her "ShortCake", She was my best friend. God saw fit to take her home at the age of 9. My early years were a bit awkward, but, that all changed one day while listening to Gospel records that my Mom owned. This was the beginning of my Love for Music & that changed my Life. I started playing the Piano at age 10, taking lessons for 8 years. I sang in my Junior & Senior High School Choirs, During High School is when I began to write & kept doing so until my Sister Died in February, during my 11th Grade year of High School, after that point I just didn't have the desire to write. I, however, continued to play the Piano and sing.

One of my Life's lowest points was the catalyst in behind me writing again. Eighteen years later....I'm still writing. SpokenWord came into my life about 10 years ago. I started doing SpokenWord as a form of expression & therapy. I continue doing what I do, because, I know that I'm a Messenger. I speak for those that may not be able to articulate themselves to the point of getting People to really understand or hear them....the Voices most People try to tune Out....I also do what I do in order to execute My Part in Making a Positive Difference in this World.....

I Am QuietStorm Of SpokenWord.......I Have Much To Say To The World

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